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Neale Blanden and Neale Blanden

This morning at work Pete (who I sold a copy of Blackguard #2 to a couple of days ago) comes up to me and says, "Hey! That Neale Blanden in your new issue, I know him! He's a friend of mine!" I was getting into the elevator so figured I'd hear the story next time I bumped into him. Well, I bumped into him an hour later and he told me about his friend Neale Blanden. He said, "He's a mad guy. When he worked in the adult bookstore we would talk about sci-fi..." I said, "What, you mean a gay adult bookstore right?" Pete said yeah, a gay adult bookstore. I asked because Pete is gay himself. I told him that didn't sound like the Neale Blanden I know, said Blackguard Neale is a family man. Pete said well his friend Neale was gay, but then got with a woman, but would go off to gay bookstores on the side. I said, 'That must be another Neale Blanden, where was this at?" "Here in Sydney!"  "Well Blackguard Neale Blanden has always lived in Melbourne as far as I know." It was pretty weird because Pete was so sure it must be the same one. His Neale was even a comics artist!
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