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I always forget that it's not finished when the comic is printed up. The past couple of weeks have been MAD (man), sending out contributor copies of Blackguard #2, selling copies at work (I've been there so long that I have a small army of fans of Sick Puppy Comix who for the past six years have been asking me when I was gonna do another one), one of whom bought three copies and two others bought two. I've also sent out heavy packages of BG#2s to PolyEster Books (Melbourne), Suggestion Records (Germany), Sticky (Melbourne), and more in the coming days and weeks... I emailed Red Eye Records a week ago to find out if they would stock it (they used to stock Sick Puppy) and they haven't replied. Oh well, Glenn Smith asked for a bunch to give to Repressed Records in Newtown to sell, which I did, so they'll have them. Plus I'm gonna go see Tim at Faster Pussycat and see if he will stock them. He used to stock Sick Puppy too. (See! I'm getting back into the swing of things!)

Hey! Also this weekend is the big Newcastle Zine Fair (part of the annual TINA This Is Not Art festival) which I'm gonna be at. Going up for Saturday night to party with the other comix and zine people, try not to get too monstered, because the next day is the zine fair and I will more than likely be sharing a table with Chris Mikul (Bizarrism) and selling arseloads of BG#2s, if the Gods of Olympus give me the nod.

Feedback for Blackguard #2 has been coming in and it's all good (sad to say... heh heh! only joking! ... no, i'm not! etc.) so here's a sample:

"I got the Father zine yesterday, and in a really, really odd synchronicity, my dad was visiting with me, he was in the car as I checked my p.o. to find the package.  It's especially odd because my dad has never visited me in any of the places I've lived since leaving home 13 years ago..." - JHS

"Today I got home earlier from work and found your awesome mag in my mailbox. That was about four hours ago. I've already read half of it, dammit. When is issue #3 coming out?" - GS

Tags: blackguard #2, zine fairs

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