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Blackguard #3 : Crime

     Now that #2 the Father issue is finished, it's time to announce the theme for Blackguard #3 - it's gonna be the Crime issue! Yes, crime is the theme. Crime is everywhere, movies and TV shows wouldn't be what they are without it. Not to mention current affairs programs, documentaries, novels, newspapers, magazines, etc. Without crime what do we have? A shit boring existence is what, if we're honest. But what is crime anyway? It depends on where you are, when you are, your social status, how much money you have, the nature of your *crime*, whether or not you're caught, a million things. From smoking a joint to butchering fellow human beings in a serial fashion, *crime* can be relatively harmless or the cause of endless suffering. The craziest aspect of crime for artists may be the history of criminal prosecution for men or women who have written, drawn, or painted something that has led to their being imprisoned, and worse. Imagine that!

This time I want one-page strips. Only one-page! You can submit  multiple one-page strips, but nothing beyond one page, see. Some of you may not like that, maybe you need three or four pages for your idea. Well tough shit. If you can't get your idea across with one page then I don't wanna know about it. A one-page strip is a beautiful thing and by god Blackguard #3 is gonna be wall-to-wall one-page strips. Ya feel me?

Deadline! March 2010. You have plenty of time so don't sweat it.

And don't expect #3 to be nearly as *slick* as #2 was - that motherfucker has cornholed me but good.

/punches hole in wall, knocking bourbon flying


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Oct. 10th, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
Damn you, Stratu! I had an idea for a comic that would've fit with the theme, but then I scrolled down to learn of the one-page requirement! Oh, well, one page is easier to do after all, so I'm sure you'll get something from me if ya want it.
Oct. 20th, 2009 10:16 am (UTC)
Yes, one page strips! Much easier! You will thank me later!
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