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The Fine Art Of Letter Writing

How wonderful to receive real letters in the mail! My comix pal Kapreles sent me a package including a very welcome four-page letter (page one shown here). He admitted that he was inspired by my review of Spanish zine Going Postal!  [from Blackguard #2] in which I wrote about the awesomeness of receiving real letters in the mail. And not only letters, but zines, comix, flyers, stickers, drawings, anything handmade or found which may be intrasting or amusing. The *wonderful efficiency* of email has almost killed all that. But not quite! I foresee a resurgence, a rediscovery of the wonderful act of sending letters and items through the mail. It's already happening you know. More and more people are realising that no matter how fast and efficient communication by email is, sending and receiving mail items through the post is a far deeper and richer experience. Naturally it demands more from you, but what you get in return is priceless and something unique and wonderful that you will never forget. Of course, it's not for everybody. But if you are still reading this, maybe it's for you! Contact me for more information! >>>
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