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Greenblatt The Great! #2


The first issue of Greenblatt The Great! was a wonderful discovery for me (my review is here) so it was pretty exciting to receive Mr Aushenker's second issue recently. It contains more Greenblatt hi-jinx and lunacy, for example 'The Bald Off!' (above), one of my favourites here. Sad to say, many of the strips fell flat for me this time around. This issue also includes a long story called 'The Secret Double Life Of Michael Aushenker' which was a real mixed bag. On the one hand, spectacular art, action, some terrific internal dialogue during a chase scene ('Welcome to the soft parade.' 'Cobra on my left' 'Leopard on my right.'), really wild stuff. On the other hand he's got 'ho's' over while he's supposed to be drawing comics, and he's got a girlfriend! It's hardly admirable having hos over when you got a girlfriend, and if you ask me, hardly endears the character to the reader. Unless you're the type of reader who barks when he approves of a joke, and punches the air and that kind of behaviour. It was disappointing, because I know he's capable of better work. It's still worth getting though if you're a Greenblatt fan. And Michael is working on #3 so hopefully that issue will be back on track.
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