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Envelope By David Puckeridge

I got a few mail items in the mail today. Not junk mail, but REAL mail!
Here's the best one I got, not only a great, real letter inside (along with a postcard type thing from Queensland's 'House of Bottles' - see below) but a really great powder blue envelope with an illustration! And a real stamp!
Thanks David! You totally rock!

From the back of the postcard:

'In 1952, George Clifford found an ornamental bottle on the beach at the Coloured Sands and brought it home. Later, he and his wife, Muriel, found other interesting bottles that had drifted to this area. Eventually the collection had to be housed, and a House of Bottles was the solution. This was open to the public on Boxing day, 1966. It is now recognised as a must to all visitors to the Noosa-Tewantin area to see this amazing collection of thousands of different bottles from most parts of the Globe.

Many visitors have added to this by sending some bottles that they have kept over the years. Their names are being recorded permanently in the building.

So large has the collection become that it was necessary to build further additions; so, in 1968, George designed and started building the largest glass bottle in the world. It stands 9 meters high, is 4 metres across, has three floors, and polished wood spiral staircases which lead to a lookout at the top floor. It is built of 17,000 stubbies, and is an exact shape of a stubby. It houses some very rare and fancy bottles. A 15 metres slippery slide from the top is the joy of the young and old. No extra charge is made for rides.

Also on show is the biggest and best display of Coloured Sands in bottles ever assembled under one roof. Some are straight art, such as ships, birds, animals, and some are abstract, all of which are coloured sands tightly packed inside the bottles.

On sale are some of the finest bottles and decanters imported from Europe, France and Asia. Visitors are assured of courteous attention and all information regarding items of interest is gladly supplied.

Also on display is one of the largest blocks of Ambergris ever found on the Australian Coast. It is now worth $15,000.

Ambergris is the vomit of the sperm whale and is used in the manufacture of high grade perfumes.

Over 200 old type marble bottles are on display.

The Bottle Hospital is a model of a hospital, with bottles dressed as doctors, nurses and patients. It is a favourite with both adults and children.

In 1975 the new toilet block was erected and is called "The Little House" of Bottles. It is two, 3-metre high, bottle stubbies, and is the only one in the world.'
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