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Xerography Debt #26 With Blackguard Reviews!

First of all, Happy New Year to you, Friends of Blackguard! (Hope I've still got some out there!) I know it's a bit late but I only just re-animated myself after the zombie malaise of the Festivus season. It's always the same every year, I'm afraid.



Today was a Good Mail Day because Xerography Debt #26 arrived in my mailbox. (It's one of the two best zine review zines out there, along with the wonderful Zine World.) The cover is awesome, it was drawn by Matt Fagan. I've only just started reading it so will review it later, but for now I want to share the three reviews of Blackguard included.

The first one is by Gianni Simone [Orga[ni]sm and Call & Response]:

'Are you tired of reading silly, badly drawn comics? Here’s something you might like – if you have nothing against sex, violence and blasphemy, that is. Mr. Stratu (of Sick Puppy Comix fame) is finally back with a vengeance, and has assembled a bunch of talented (sometimes demented) artists.
Issue #1 loosely revolves around “religious crazies,” while the brand new second offering is subtitled “Father.” This is an excellent zine, with full color cover and high production values. Recommended to all the not-so-easily-offended comic lovers.'

Thanks Gianni! I definitely owe you some mail and you will get it soon now that I have reactivated myself!

Here's the second one, by Kris Mininger [Going Postal!]:

'The theme here is "Religious Crazies." This is a contributor-driven comix zine and is not, I repeat NOT, for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Lots of bestiality, flesh-eating devil girls, crucifixion, torture, etc. There is some really good, old-fashioned obscenity in here. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Professionally printed with a full-color cover. The editor must have a contact who is a printer because I can't imagine randomly walking into a print shop with this material and not getting a visit from the police the next day. Who knows... maybe things are more laid-back in Australia.'

Thanks Kris! Actually, I had a helluva time getting Blackguard #1 printed (here is one part of that tale of woe), it was a nightmare. I should say however that the printer who dropped my 'hot potato' at the last minute wasn't in Australia. Both Australian printers I contacted told me the content would be no problem.

Finally here's a review by Matt Fagan [Meniscus]:

'Blackguard is a Dirty Underground Comic. It's full of short, violent black-and-white comix with boobies, cocks and ginies. It even has Mike Diana!
Sometimes these things have a tendency to descend into tedious pornography, but Blackguard's premiere issue focus on "religious crazies" keeps things on track and lively. Like most Dirty Underground Comix, there are perverted stories of naked monster women and well-endowed barbarian queens. Unlike most Dirty Underground Comix, there are adapted biographies of crazy cult leaders and weird stuff about the Pope! This is a compilation that defied my initial expectations, while still catering to the demands of its target audience.
Max Black is the editor as well as one of the contributors, and he seems to be spearheading this new venture after folding Sick Puppy Comix. I've never come across that Australian-based publication, but it ran for 13 issues since 1996, so you're in experienced hands. I look forward to seeing what other themes Blackguard will tackle in the future, and wish Max a good, long run.'

Thanks Matt! Your XD cover is awesome (and the bee's knees to boot)! I'll be sending you a copy of BG#2 and hope you will trade for one of your Meniscuses!
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