blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

The Ken Chronicles #11

$2.00, 28p, digest, 2140 Erma Drive, East Meadow NY 11554-1120, USA   PassScribe [at] aol [dot] com

Ken Bausert is a retired automotive engineer and besides many other activities that he pursues, he makes a zine called The Ken Chronicles.
In this issue, 'Ken's Cooking Class' in which in words and photos he demonstrates how to make your own pizza, and that includes the dough! This cooking class was valuable to me because Ken mentions something called a 'pizza stone' which I had never heard of but the second I read about it, I realised that this was the mystery item I have been missing in my own pizza-making attempts.
Last year Ken celebrated 50 years since he bought his first car, and in honour of that this issue includes a history of his motoring life. (I'm a bus man myself, so expect from me, in a few years, my 25th Anniversary tribute to riding my very first Sydney Bus.)
Ken writes about his visit to the renovated Yankee Stadium, and it ain't pretty. No doubt there would be a lively discussion if Mr Bausert met the Yankee Stadium Renovation Project Head at a dinner party.
My favourite part of this zine is Ken's 'What I've Been [fill in the blank] Lately' in which he reports on what he's been watching, reading and listening to. There's not much I love more than to read about what people have been reading. That fascination even follows me into the street and onto the bus. If somebody is reading something, I'll go to extreme lengths to find out what it is.
The Ken Chronicles is worthy of your attention.
Tags: ken bausert, reviews, the ken chronicles

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