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Crybaby Muslims (Revisited)

It may be timely - since the first issue of our new comix zine anthology Blackguard will have the theme 'Religious Crazies' - to reprint some of my old Atomiser posts about the Danish cartoon drama. Plus I get to practice doing this 'after the cut/jump' thingo. Yay!

Crybaby Muslims [2 Feb 2006]
Have you heard about the latest actions of those crybaby Muslims over some cartoons of Muhammad (Cartoons Be Upon Him) published in a Denmark newspaper? One of those cartoons depicted Muhammad wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb. Why would anybody draw a cartoon like that, I wonder? Could it have something to do with the multitudes of self-proclaimed True Muslims exploding themselves all over the place? Yes, it probably has something to do with that. So why not draw a cartoon inspired by that? Are these Muslims so insecure in their faith that they can't take a joke? These are very humourless people - of course they can't take a joke. Maybe if they didn't explode themselves like that, people wouldn't draw cartoons like that.
There was another cartoon that I thought was very funny, showing Muhammad saying that paradise was running short of virgins for suicide bombers. Haw! Is that not funny? Wouldn't you like to see those cartoons in your local newspaper? I would. Where can I see these cartoons anyway? I was happy to read that other people have been reprinting these cartoons in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. (Hopefully they will have the balls to not fire their editors like that softcock owner of France Soir did.)
Have you heard some of these nutso extremist Muslims saying that they plan to eventually take over the world with their stupid religion? We better not let that happen because then, guess what? That's right! No more funny cartoons!
I also read that those nutty Muslims have imposed sanctions against buying stuff from Denmark, so in future, to do my bit, I intend to buy as many things from Denmark as I can find. Forget Dick Smith and his exhortation to "Buy Australian!", from now on I am going to "Buy Danish!"
Have I mentioned how stupid and idiotic these Muslims are? They see a Muhammad (Funny Cartoons Be Upon Him) cartoon and they want to rush out and explode themselves! And stop buying Danish!
This cartoon fiasco really shows how wacko these Muslim idiots are. It would be OK if they were only *funny wacko*, but they are *dangerous wacko* because they think it's cool to explode themselves in large crowds.
And what about that Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh who made a documentary about violence against Muslim women? He was killed by a psycho Muslim for it. See? That's how it is. You don't even have to make fun of Muhammad to get these idiots after you, all you need to do is make a movie about some of the rotten things they do.
So not only do they not like funny cartoons, they don't like bad publicity, either. In fact, if you draw or publish a funny cartoon, or write about, or make a movie about, some appalling and disgraceful way they treat other people; that is, if you offend these humourless cretins in any way whatsoever, there's a good chance one of them will rush up to you one day and explode his idiot self.
"No 72 virgins for you!", cries Allah, thoroughly disgusted and displeased with this dumbass *martyr* of His.
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