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Zine World #28 - Blackguard #2 Review

Here's a review of BG#2 from the brand new Zine World #28:

Blackguard #2: Father
. Creator of Sick Puppy Comix says an online uploader describes his former series in this way: “Turns adults into children and children into adults.” It’s now become a credo for the latest series of transgressive comix he’s compiled under the name Blackguard. This second issue, themed around fatherhood and paternal relationships, is choked to the gills with violent sex, sexual violence, and terrifically crude humor—y’know, the finest things in life. Somewhere along the way, though, it also manages to make a few important sociopolitical comments. Impressive and addicting. Stratu, PO Box 93, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia, sstratu at, [$5 USD everywhere, selective trades, (age stmt) 52M :35] –M. Brianna Stallings

 That's another great thing about Zine World - they offer to email you the review if they review your zine. I'm expecting my copy in the mail any day but had to post this immediately.

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