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You Don't Get There From Here #12 & #13


Sometimes it takes me a long time to get around to doing things because I am a lazy, procrastinating jerk.
Plugging Carrie McNinch's latest two diary comics is one of those things.
I love reading these comics about Carrie jogging in the hills above Los Angeles and talking to rattlesnakes and coyotes and tarantulas (and tarantula hawks! which I'd never heard of before). These creatures talk back too. Carrie writes and draws about her struggles with the sauce, her head disconnecting from her body, feelings of worthlessness, and as if that's not enough, one of her cats is dying (if you love cats, the ending of #13 will break your heart). Carrie nails the highs and lows of life so perfectly, you want to slip into the panels to share these moments with her. That may sound corny, but who cares? Her comics are damn good and you should get some.
[Carrie McNinch,  PO Box 49403, Los Angeles CA 90049, USA ]
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