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Birthday Bitch


Pretty simple story here on the surface - Mandy catches a train into the city to meet some friends for dinner. The whole thing takes place over about an hour. She races through the railway station and just barely makes her train. On the train she goes to grab her book outta her bag, but she left it at home. What a shit not having anything to read for a forty-five minute train ride. But then she spots a newspaper, so that's okay. The story takes a nasty turn when a bunch of obnoxious teenagers get on the same carriage and sit right near her, the loudest and most cretinous in the seat behind her. It's tense as hell. ... She does make it to the city to meet her friends, but the ending where one friend asks her how was the train trip, and her reply, is downplayed and so subtle, it won't leave you in a hurry. Awesome stuff. Get it.

[96 pages, half-digest size, $?, Mandy Ord, PO Box 426, Eltham VIC 3095, AUSTRALIA ordmandy at yahoo dot com dot au ]
Tags: birthday bitch, mandy ord, reviews

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