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Phatsville Comix #14

A great whopping chunk of Aussie comix here. 86 pages! (Isn't that exceeding the Aussie comix page limit?)
[Much later...] I've tried ten times to write the next part of this review but I can't do it. I think I have a problem writing reviews of comix anthologies because I make one. I want to say this is great because it's got some really great stuff in it, like the Ben Hutchings strip, and new discovery (for me), Mel Stringer. Then I wanna say that there's some lame stuff in here too. Well, it's an anthology! That's what you get. I know it and you know it. And maybe I'm biased because I want MY anthology to be the best one. (It is actually. And I'm not being biased there.) I really do wish I LOVED everything in this issue, but some of the stuff in here, I wanna do a poop on the page. It's like the editor only ran it because his brother or cousin or step-sister drew it. Or maybe he owes his dealer money and his dealer likes drawing, so you know, he got rid of his debt by printing something he or she (the dealer) drew between weighing up ounces and buying another gold chain, or whatever. You know what I mean?
Well, the best I can do here is put up some of my favourite pages and you be the judge. You should get it, see, because there's some cool shit in here! What do I know anyway? What does anybody know? That's MY opinion, that's YOUR opinion, and I can agree, or inform you that your taste is up your arse. I like Starship Troopers, but YOU don't so that means YOU don't know shit. Starship Troopers was awesome and if you don't agree, then you're an idiot. But only about that movie, see? We both like Ghost World, so you know your stuff, on that count!
So, pretty good review, eh?
Back of the net.

[86pages, digest size, $?, Giles Kilham, 396 Ferguson Road, Norman Park QLD 4170, AUSTRALIA ]
Tags: phatsville comix, reviews

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