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Blackguard #1 Update

I have some Blackguard news - first of all, that Anton Emdin is doing the cover for #1!

After having dug up a longtime-buried stash of Sick Puppys here at Rancho Rabid (aka the Batcave), I've been re-reading them, and the other night found myself glazed-eyed and drooling over Anton's 'Queen Kong' cover for SP#13. It was so fucking cool and awesome, plus I spotted a detail that I swear I had never noticed. Or maybe did notice at the time, or later, but had since forgot. Whatever it was, it was like a big hammer pounding at my skull, compelling me to get back in touch with Anton IMMEDIATELY and by any means necessary get him to do the cover for Blackguard #1. So, what happen (besides the fact that somebody set us up the bomb)? Well, he agreed, of course! Anyway, if you haven't seen Anton's cool art before, or even if you have, go take a peep at his website!

So that's pretty great news, but not only that, but also the following comix and zine hotshots are sweating over the drawing board at work on their contributions for Blackguard #1:

Doug Iannucci
Gerard Ashworth
Hugo (aka SP#12's 'Popeye' cover artist)
Mannheim Jerkoff
Ross Tesoriero

And yes, so far that is all guys and only one girl, which is fucked up, it seems to me, although I am reliably informed that these days (unlike the old) there are more girls into comix and zines, or at least ones that don't suck and make you want to stab yourself in the eyeballs, that is, so I'm hoping that this list is gonna be a whole lot more balanced by the end of August.

So! If you want a chance at IMMORTALITY, contribute to Blackguard #1 !

Theme: 'Religious Crazies'
Send: 1-3 pages
B&W, although if your stuff is hot shit we still have inside and back colour covers to fill.
Anything goes - this will be an 'Adults Only' publication.
You will get multiple contributor copies :]


Max Black
sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com


Max Black
PO Box 93
Paddington NSW 2021
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