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Human Waste #6


[104 pages, digest size, Brent Moore, 752 Sage Apt. #4, Elke NV 89801, USA]
It seems like a bad joke to call this a comic, since that word implies funny ha ha, gags etc. In Brent's latest *comic* the only humour is black, a few jokes at his own expense. The rest is relentlessly grinding and grim. This autobiographical story takes place between October 2006 and around June 2007, beginning at a point when Brent quits his factory job and relocates from Nevada to Oregon, moving into a small room attached to the house of Carri, a co-worker of his sister-in-law.
They seem to get along well together, and there appears to be the possibilty of them getting together. It's a beyond captivating 'will-they-won't-they' tale that Brent relates with his *primitive* drawing style, the comic panels hand lettered, and journal excerpts and commentary typed using an old manual typewriter.
Brent is an anomaly, or at least a rarity, in this world - he doesn't own a computer, doesn't use the internet or email, and doesn't have a mobile phone. And he's in his twenties. I can hear a billion voices screaming, "OMG! HELLO! HOW CAN HE EVEN LIVE LIKE THAT?!" I'll tell you what, I'm glad he doesn't have the internet or a website or anything, because what  he reveals in here, about himself, his thoughts on life and other people, about everything, it needs to be not easy to get, not easy to acquire. To get a copy of this one, you must write a letter.
Tags: brent moore, human waste, reviews

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