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Ansible #273

[8 pages, digest size, David Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 5AU, UK - available for SAE or online >>> ]
I've been reading this for years but never thought of it as a zine because I get it emailed every month and print it out to read on the bus.
Ansible comes out monthly, so if my mathematics are correct, it's been in existence for 22 years. That's impressive! If you're in any way into horror, science fiction or fantasy, you'll love it. My favourite sections include one called How Others See Us ("us" meaning genre fans), which collects snooty, condescending comments from various media. For example in the latest issue: 'Two science fiction films are up for Oscars, much to the delight of single men with a penchant for multi-sided dice.' [Guardian Sports 'Omens' 6 March 2010.]
My other favourite section, Thog's Masterclass, celebrates un(?)intentionally bizarrely worded nuggets from genre fiction. Example: Metaphor Dept. 'Pippa leapt from one metal stump to the next, her balance refined, arms outstretched a little, her face a Picasso of concentration.' [Andy Remic, War Machine, 2007.]
I always read the R.I.P. section too, there's usually at least one that is noteworthy or shocking somehow, like this one in the latest issue: John McGarr (1964-2010), US actor/producer who produced and starred in House of the Wolf Man (2009), was killed by a drunk driver while walking out to breakfast at the Indianapolis Horrorhound convention on 25 March. He was 45.

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