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Envelope By Randy Robbins (Narcolepsy Press)

This is the kind of thing I like to find in my post office box! Today was a Good Mail Day and one of the main reasons for that was this envelope from Randy Narcolepsy. (Contained Narcolepsy Press Review #5 and You're An Angel, You Li'l Devil #4 - reviews coming soon...)
My favourite correspondents are those who use real postage stamps. It seems that hardly anybody does so these days so it's extra special when somebody does. If you go to the post office to post something (to me, anyway), all you need to do is say, "Could you put real postage stamps on the envelope please and not one of those boring stickers?" (You don't have to say "boring", although they are, let's face it.) The post office staff will more than likely be impressed with your dedication to the Old School. Now they see a customer who knows what he or she wants, not the average schmo who doesn't know much about all this postal business, confound it.
Tags: envelope art, mail art, narcolepsy press, postage stamps
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