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Ax Wound #3

[104 pages, magazine size, $5.00, axwoundzine at yahoo dot com ]
Big thanks to Dexter Cockburn for hipping me to this one. (Dexter did the drawings for the cover.)
Ax Wound is a terrific zine focussing on women in horror, edited by Hannah Neurotica, one female horror fan who, let's put it this way, really knows her blood from her gore.
The zine is chock full of great stuff, like an interview with Rebekah McKendry who works at legendary horror magazine Fangoria. She has something to say on the recent label *torture porn*, among other things.
A piece by Clementine Cannibal about her love of Horror, beginning from when she was a little girl whose boyfriend was a Chucky doll. Something that shocked me in this piece was her story about being beaten up at a punk show when she was 19. The singer of the band announced to the crowd that the "girl with red hair really needed to shave her armpits", so she raised her arms to proudly show off her armpit hair at which point a guy punched her in the face, she tried to hit him back but another guy grabbed her arm to restrain her. She tried to get to the stage for safety but the singer kicked her back off and the beating continued. It made me sick to read it. Punks are supposed to be cool and anti all that shit aren't they?  (I shouldn't be so suprised though - when I was about 17 and went into the city (from the suburbs where I lived) to hang out with some punks I had met at a gig, we were walking through Wynyard Station and one of them shouted an obnoxious racial insult at an Asian shopkeeper. I thought to myself, 'The last thing I wanna do is to hang out with racist fucking jerks like this...', and I never saw those idiots again after that day.)
There's also a great piece by Hannah's father called Twilight Drives A Stake Through the Heart of the Undead, criticising the Twilight phenomenon. Example: 'Vampires DO NOT fucking play baseball. They do not wear fucking baseball caps and jerseys. They do not turn double plays and go first to third on a single. Vampires are instinct driven creatures always in search of blood.'
Mimi Honeycutt wrote a fascinating piece on Elizabeth Bathory, 'Bloody She-Wolf of Hungary', a sixteenth century aristocrat who murdered and mutilated over 600 of her peasants/serfs.
There's a really great, long interview with Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel I and II) and he has something to say on horror remakes (that I completely agree with), among many other things.
Hannah interviews the Soska Sisters, who made Dead Hooker in a Trunk. In this and other interviews the question is asked: 'How would you respond to the accusation that horror films exploit women and is a misogynist genre? Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?' The respondents' answers to these questions are so wonderful to read from my (male) perspective. I know at least a few women friends (who shudder at the idea of watching a horror movie) I wanna zoom out and show these interviews to! (Thanks Hannah!)
On the minus side, the analysis of the film May by Lindsay Campbell is impossible to read it's so damned eggheaded academic-sounding. Seems out of place in a horror zine, although I understand that horror movies being treated in this high-falutin' way is a *good thing*. Much better is the following interview with May's director, Lucky McKee.
There's even more! An interview with Reyna Young who made the documentary, Welcome to My Darkside: Women in Horror.
Plus an interview with Sarah Jahier who runs the horror review website, Fatally Yours.
This zine kicks ass, then pulverises it, slices it up then eats it and vomits it back up all over the place.
If you're into horror movies, this zine's for you.

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