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You're An Angel, You Li'l Devil #4

[40 pages, half-digest size, $2.00, stamps, trades, Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim CA 92817-7131, USA ]
Alongside Narcolepsy Press Review, Randy compiles this awesome little zine. Among the infinite number of fetishes out there, the fetish for Devil Girls is one I can appreciate. In this tiny yet chunky zine are Devil Girls from many sources - some people send in their own drawings, or found images. Many of these are found using Google image search. And alongside the drawings are xeroxed photos of human Devil Girls, like a series of pics from an energy drink promotion (Red Devil). Not to mention album covers, rock posters, Hard Rock Cafe badges, pop stars in devil girl outfits, and tattoos.
A terrific zine, this one. I just love the hell out of it! Gotta get the back issues of this too! (No rest for the wicked!)

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Tags: randy robbins, reviews, yaayld, you're an angel you li'l devil
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