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Lumpen #5 #6 #7

[Big thanks to Ross Radiation for hipping me to Pat Grant, maker of these fine Lumpen comix!]
[butteredmidgets at yahoo dot com dot au +++ ]
Lumpen #5 [44 pages, digest size] This issue contains a 21-page tribute to an ancient, gigantic inner city (Sydney) share house. One page is dedicated to the toothbrush collection (that hit 36 at one point), ten of these are depicted on this page. It strikes me that it must take some skill to draw ten different tooth brushes. The best thing in here for me though was How to Make a Profit at a Zine Fair, a seven-point guide that I wished I had read years ago when I was starting out in my own self publishing career. It contains valuable, hard won *zine insider* knowledge that will be of enormous benefit to all fledgling ziners out there.
Lumpen #6 This tiny little booklet and card set (12cm x 9cm) is really neat. In the booklet, Pat writes about the reasons people start doing zines, and why most don't make it to the second issue. He also has a confession about his own reason behind getting into zines, and writes about the unimagined horror of being a freelance cartoonist. It's great stuff. The cards are "a series of portraits of people who once created important works of photocopied literature but never made it further than issue #1."
Lumpen #7 folds out from digest size into a huge A2 page which contains what on first inspection could be a board game, but is in fact a very cleverly constructed tribute to the sign painter's art and the loss of that art thanks to digital printing technology.

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