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Japan Zine Scene

Hey! Here's an article on the Japanese zine scene by Gianni Simone!
Tags: features, gianni simone, zines

  • The Match! #121 [Fall 2020]

    52 pages, 24.5cm x 18cm, THE MATCH! published since 1969 by Fred Woodworth, Post Office Box 3012, Tuscon Arizona 85702, USA. Subscription: Free.

  • Munster Times #29

    40 pages, 30 x 21cm, Matt Ryan, Contact: munster_mag at hotmail dot com + As you will gather from the…

  • Ponder Park #5 [October 2019]

    20 pages, 21 x 14cm, DB Pedlar & AS Cruz, 25727 Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge Springs PA 16403, USA Pedlar and Cruz tackle ponderous…

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