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Betty Paginated #31

[36 pages, magazine size, $5.00?, edited by Dann Lennard, PO Box A1412, Sydney South NSW 1235, AUSTRALIA +++ +++ danhelen (at) ]
If memory serves me right, Dann announced he was finished with publishing a print zine, yet lo and behold this real, actual paper copy of BP arrived in my PO Box last week. Well, I sure am glad that Dann decided to rejoin the papernet because there's some terrific stuff in this issue, and being text-heavy it's best read in paper form.
Dann begins with the story of his February 2009 lung collapse. What! That's one pretty dramatic way to start a zine all right. Hard to beat that.
Next up, an amazing story from Raven Mack [ ] about his (and his family's) dogs. This one is grim and gutwrenching, dealing with having to mercy kill pets and the despair that results for somebody who loves animals. It's one of the finest short stories I've read in a long time.
Dann's 'Fuck Australia Day' examines the rise in nationalist and racist behaviour on Australia Day. He writes about being on a train on Australia Day this year (January 26) and 'watching Anglo kids dressed in Australia flag t-shirts, carrying Australian flags and asking non-Anglos loudly, "Oi, mate! Where are you from?"' This development is sickening and shameful. Many of these misguided idiots also proudly display Southern Cross tattoos, which at least helpfully identifies them as moronic cretins.
Also in this issue: a piece on Mark 'Chopper' Read (is he Australia's new Ned Kelly?); Kami reviews Not Quite Hollywood, the tribute to Aussie exploitation movies; Shane Cubis eats only battered calamari for a whole week for a bet; the death of pin-up icon Bettie Page; superhero comic *swipes*, including a particularly venomous overview of the work of Rob 'Can't Draw' Liefeld; Cameron Murray interviews Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons; Helen Vnuk interviews 'stand-up comedian, MILF, recovering alcoholic, Bindi Irwin hater' Fiona O'Loughlin; Dann takes a look at the life of Mickey Rourke; Chris Colt's alleged post-wrestling career in gay porn; more rasslin' (both male and female, of course!); Dann's appreciation of Lady GaGa (Dann, JoJo and I are on your side! Fuck the GaGa haters! - Stratu); and some breasts and butts to close out the issue.
BP is an Aussie zine institution and it's great to have it back in paper form. Dann, you rock.

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