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Yo! Burbalino #1 #2 #3

[24 pages each, digest size, $3.00 each from Greg Farrell, 345 Eldert St. #17, Brooklyn NY 11237, USA +++ doctormobogo (at) +++ ]
Real "grab bag" comics here, as Greg himself describes Yo! Burbalino. Alongside comics starring Chef Don and his pal Earl the Squirrel (funny stuff, especially when Earl bets Don a dozen acorns he can't hurt him with his old piece of junk lawnmower) are autobio strips about Greg's hypochondria, his Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, and his attraction to coffee shop girls. There's also real recipes from Chef Don in comic strip form, YB#1 includes Chef Don's Chestnut Lentil Pate.
YB#2 introduces something I've never seen in comics before: a strip that incorporates rapping. If somebody hadda told me about a comic using this technique I would be extremely doubtful, but holy shit Greg pulls it off in a four-page strip, a simple story actually about a mother calling up her son to tell him the family dog might be about to pass on up to doggie heaven. The way Greg has done it though, it made me think, damn, this is like an Eminem comic! That might be too obvious a comparison, but it was the first thing I thought of. And I mean it as a big compliment. There's also a great strip about Greg's headphones being stolen at work.
YB#3 has a long strip featuring Chef Don and Earl the Squirrel who take their girlfriends out to a French restaurant for Valentine's Day. The French waiter's dialogue/accent, the way Greg has written it, is hilarious. You will be trying to say it out loud, guaranteed. Plate Face & Spaghetti Head is an awesome, romantic rhyming strip that ends with Chef Don's recipe for Basil Marinara, and on the following page his Bachelor Corner. (I wish I had this comic when I first moved outta home, consarn it!)
Yo! Burbalino is not only a grab bag, but a mixed bag, but the good stuff in here is so impressive that I can't wait for the next issue.

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