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King Cat #70

[36 pages, digest size, $3.00 from John Porcellino, Spit and a Half, PO Box 18888, Denver CO 80218, USA +++ ]
I first found out about John Porcellino and his King Cat comics back in a 1995 issue of Jeff Levine's Destroy All Comics zine. The cover art was by John and inside there was a huge interview with him. He talked about his daytime job as a mosquito abatement man, and how he drew comics about that, along with other aspects of his life. There were also loads of his comic art in there and I really loved his simple line-drawing style. (Back then, that kind of stuff looked to me as though it must be pretty easy to draw. Ha! I found out that it isn't! ) Anyhow, I sent away for some of his comics, and they were awesome. Along with his comic strips there was always a page of his top 40 things he read or watched or listened to since the last issue, so it had that cool balance between comic and zine.
Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I totally dropped out of the zine scene for five years bnetween 2003 and 2008, so it was great to find out recently that John's still making his King Cat comics. This issue, #70, marks the twentieth anniversary of King Cat, which is pretty darn impressive.
In this issue:
John admits he still sometimes craves getting drunk even though he's been off the sauce since 1995;
He relates the story of his wisdom teeth extraction by a dentist who believed that  the job of driving a forklift in a warehouse must be frustrating;
A few single panel comics (Them There Skweezils) that look as though they appear in a newspaper or magazine;
The King Cat Top Forty for Fall '09 and Summer '09;
A tale of John and friend sneaking into that friend's father's office at night to print free copies (of their zine zo-zo (*onion* written vertically, pretty cool!) and getting busted by a security guard;
A great exchange between Plato and Diogenes;
John and his partner Misun's visit to Trinidad, Colorado in search of Square Head John, a folk artist John had met in the mid-'90s.
King Cat is really something special.
(But goddamn shit it's gonna be a challenge to get all the back issues I'm missing, fuckity-fuck it.)

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