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Blackguard #1 Update III

Some good news to report! A good zine rolled up into the Blackguard mailbox! Actually two zines because Zina Kook sent me both issues of her zine Kook.

Kook #1 may be only 8 pages, but what's there is funny and well-presented in a neat B&W A5 format. Along with news of Donita Sparks (of legendary noisy girl band L7), we find out who the hell is Mandy Flombay (she's a rock chick chef, some kind of heavenly cross between the singer from Magic Dirt and the superhot vixen who presents Food Safari on SBS) plus Zina makes the case for drivers to 'bring back the hand' - that is, making friendly and grateful waving gestures at another motorist who has let you in in front of them. Kook #2 is double the size, both in format and page count, and introduces a Mandy Flombay 'Ask Mandy!' Agony Aunt-styled column, plus a centrefold of a hairy, shirtless golfing enthusiast, tanning tips for the wannabe solarium junkie, new improved cigarette pack ads, and an experiment where a corgi and a cat compete in picking Lotto numbers. Getting back into the comix and zine scene after such a long break, it sure is great to know there are still zines like Kook being made. and kookzine [at] hotmail [dot] com

Hallelujah! Why? Because Bizarrism #10 is out at long last!  The remarkable Chris Mikul started his zine about a million years ago and every issue has been well worth the agonising wait. In this milestone tenth issue, read about equal parts brutal and comical African dictator Idi Amin in part four of Mr Mikul's 'My Favourite Dictators' series, plus in this issue a bonus dictator! Turkmenistan's 'President For Life' Suparmurat Niyazov. There is also an article on the tragic yet fascinating Collyer Brothers, compulsive hoarders who took hoarding to such a level that in New York City today, an emergency call to a junk-filled apartment is called a 'Collyer' by NYC firemen. Bizarrism is 40 pages of zine heaven and is only $6.00 - contact Chris Mikul at cathob [at] zip [dot] com [dot] au for ordering info.

There's only about two weeks until the 31 August deadline for Blackguard #1 contributions! So get crackin' if you haven't already! The theme is 'Religious Crazies' - 1-3 pages of comic strip material wanted.

Some people have been asking if there are any copies of Sick Puppy Comix left, the answer is there are next to none. There may be, in the future, a collection or 'Best Of' put together, but until then I figure it might be a good idea to post some of my favourite stuff from SP here with my weekly Blackguard updates. So here's the first in that series, a strip from SP#13 (the final issue) by the enormously funny and talented Mr Doug Iannucci!

SP13 Stan and Edna Nats by Doug Iannucci

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