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Haich #1

[16 pages, half digest size, $5.00 plus postage, trades OK, from E J Zyla >>> wemakezines.ning.com/profile/Filka +++ readpalered.blogspot.com ]
First of all, this ziner, EJ Zyla (AKA Filka), sure can draw. The drawings in here are technically stunning. Really awesome stuff.
On the negative side, running throughout is some awful poetry, example: "The haich found me a finding - lengthy in tradition and long does his eye lie - As he welcomes me home he says, "We will make it up as we go..."  That's how it feels to the reader too. Great drawings, but awful poetry/text that seems to have been made up as they went. There may be some deeper meaning in here, but I'll have to settle for admiring the nifty drawings.
Also, Zyla makes it unnecessarily difficult to order a copy. Postage isn't included, so you're advised to use a currency converter to calculate that. Really, for a small zine like this you should just say, 'Send me three bucks or a trade, even a nice email or letter and I'll send you a copy!'
Also, it really bugs me when people don't put an actual physical address. Some people still use the postal service, you know. When the Apocalypse arrives, that may be the only form of long distance communication left. Did you ever think of that?
On the plus side once more, there's a screen printed transparent plastic cover and the printing is high quality, so you could say it's a pretty neat little art zine, if you're into that sort of thing.
(Zyla's blog is definitely worth checking out - there's some photos of his/her scrapbooks and they're pretty darn cool.)


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Jun. 2nd, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
A rebuttal by Stratu's girlie-swat
I actually really like that piece of poetry. I find most poetry of that genre kind of wanky, but for me it does speak of the letter "H". For those of us who are into typography as an art form this zine is welcomed with open loving arms. It is by no means pretentious and I dutifully applaud the artist for being so fucking brave. The hours (days? weeks? months?) that must have gone into each illustration is mind boggling. And then to have the gumption to chuck these magical, technically mind-blowing illustrations into a tiny personal zine (with a gorgeous hand printed cover) and sell it for a couple of bucks, when the reality is that these drawings should be in some high end coffee table book, is really fucking cool. Yeh, it's not yer usual punk rock i've got a big cock kind of thing that most boy zines are. It's more like going to a tiny little art gallery and seeing some beautiful work, but the art gallery is in your very own little palm. Very intimate. Me likey.
Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:34 pm (UTC)
Re: A rebuttal by Stratu's girlie-swat
Where are all these *big cock punk rock* zines? I wanna review one of them.
Jun. 3rd, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
Re: A rebuttal by Stratu's girlie-swat
Hi, nice to hear a lady's point of view!
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