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A Zine About Canberra

[40 pages, digest size, $?, Julian Fleetwood >>> 8 Jagara St, Aranda ACT 2614, AUSTRALIA +++ julian.fleetwood (at) ]
I've been to Canberra a couple of times, but each time only briefly so didn't see a fraction of the stuff Julian writes about in his zine, the highlight of which is a 14-page 'Canberra Walking Tour'. Next time I go there I'll be sure to bring this zine so I can check out the following:
The "highly disturbing Father and Son statue" in the Garema Place fountain;
The Wig & Pen for a pint of Mr Natural;
The National Film & Sound Archive whose basement is apparently a major site for ghostly activity (it was orginally the mortuary of the National Institute of Anatomy);
Black Mountain, so called because of the plagues of bogon moths that swarm around it;
The National Library, that, according to a reputable inside source, possesses a copy of the Necronomicon (bound in human skin);
and the Hotel Kurrajong which is supposed to be one of the most haunted sites in Australia;
I'll also make sure to check out the numerous, excellent bookstores that Julian mentions.
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