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Electric Ant #2 : Exquisite Corpses

[140 pages, 18cmx22cm, $12.00 + postage, edited by Ryan Sands +++ electricantzine (at) ]
Editor Ryan went to Japan as an exchange student and has been back and forth ever since, so it's no surprise that his zine is very Japan-centric.
First up, a piece on the Takarazuka Revue, kind of like Kabuki but with women playing all the roles rather than men. Ryan's passion for this theatrical artform comes across strong, but to me it sounded like a Japanese version of Bollywood.
Tom Gaubatz writes about appearing in a gay horror movie. (Pretty funny - a gay horror movie so softcore that he only learns it was a gay horror movie after the shoot. Haw!)
There's a 17-page jam comic (didn't recognise any of the contributor's names).
A feature on cross-dressing in Tokyo. This was interesting. In the same way I've read about Japanese salarymen going from their dull office jobs to play in noise bands at night, some of them also go to bars where they can unwind by wearing women's clothing.
These Bloody Moments is a series of drawings where 24 artists were asked to depict a favourite bloody moment from a movie, or whatever. Among the movies chosen: Akira, Robocop, Yojimbo, Brazil, Nekromantik and Big. Among the *whatever*: Iron Maiden Vs. Eddie and Final Fantasy VII. This section was easily the highlight of the zine for me. Good stuff.
Training For Goddesses is an article by Kat Marie Yoas about her visit to a dominatrix school.
Golden Halves is "Two Tokyo photographers using a plastic half frame camera."
I'm on the fence about this one. I wanna get the first issue now, since Ryan mentions his interview with Frederik L. Schodt (author of Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics), but issue 2 was a real mixed bag, man, and it ain't cheap when you factor in postage.

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