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Narcolepsy Press Review #4

[36 pages, digest, $3.00, or trade, or stamps, or a cool letter >>> Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim CA 92817-7131, USA +++ narcolepsypresszine (at) ]
I wrote about the latest issue of NPR#5 here but only recently got this one in the mail. I'd read about Randy's story of his heart transplant and this is the issue that story is in. I can't even imagine what it must have been like. A fucking HEART transplant. I almost chopped my toe off last year, only managed to sever a couple of tendons, and I thought that was a big deal, medical-wise. A heart transplant is a whole other level, man. But Randy writes about it in the coolest way, you think he's writing about a stubbed toe, no big deal. It's pretty amazing, and fascinating. He lists the songs that kept him going while in hospital, the books, the TV shows, plus there's a huge zine reviews section (he wrote a lot of these up while in the hospital). Some of his reviews are short, but some are real long, yet never boring. In fact, I purposely read this zine slow so it would last longer. A zine like this one is the best kind of bus reading. There's also some 'Wormles' comics by Randy's son Tanner. I was reading these on the ferry back from Manly last weekend with Mrs Popcorns and they totally cracked me up. At the back are ads for other zines. Nobody does that these days, or I haven't seen it. I'm gonna start doing it myself goddamnit! I also love how Randy offers his zine for three bucks, a trade, stamps or a cool letter. This kind of thing is Zines 101 but seems to have been mostly forgotten these days.
Narcolepsy Press Review totally kicks ass. If you're into zines, this one is required reading.

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