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The Ken Chronicles #15

[28 pages, digest, $2.00 or fair trade or letter of comment >>> Ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Drive, East Meadow NY 11554-1120, USA +++ PassScribe (at) +++ ]
In his latest Chronicles, Ken's written a five-page Technology update, including a story about his cable installer who narrowly avoided getting fried when he inadvertently drilled through a power cable outside Ken's basement. He also writes about his VHS/DVD recorder and computer developments.
Ken and his wife, Ro, and their friends Bob and Doris visited Cabo San Lucas in Mexico so we get that story along with a bunch of photos. They got heavily discounted accomodation but only because they agreed to go on a timeshare tour. This part of the story got ugly with one of the salesmen who Ken nicknamed 'The Weasel', a real shitbag by the sound of it.
There's also Ken's 'What I've Been ______ Lately' in which he fills us in on what he's been watching and reading lately. Everybody knows that I'm a big fan of this kind of information, and when I am Ruler Of The Zine Universe (= pretty soon) it will be obligatory to include a section like this in one's zine.
To wrap it up, one of 'Ken's Facts Of Life': 'Sales of vinyl records increased 33% in 2009, the largest jump since statistics on the subject began in 1991. - Newsday, April 16 2010.'
Fuck yeah. Vinyl FTW, motherfuckerz.

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