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Saturday Night

[12 pages, digest, $?, from rebeccasheedy (at) ]
I'm guessing, but I'd say this is Rebecca's first comic. Each page has a three-panel strip featuring *highlights* of one of her Saturday nights. It's a fast read, and in no time at all we learn that Rebecca is a gamer, likes Blur, tea, beer, playing guitar, baking, reading, and watching The Bill. My favourite panel is the one (that happens on the one Saturday night here that she actually leaves the house) at the comedy show where she disagrees with the comic who makes fun of Guitar Hero. (I'm on Rebecca's side here. I've got the first Guitar Hero and have had some AWESOME drunken Guitar Hero nights with my friend Aaron).
If I could make some suggestions though, if Rebecca makes another comic (and she should, of course) she should do an actual comic style drawing for the cover; have more than one three-panel strip per page; and include a real actual physical postal address. Just having an email and URL doesn't cut it.

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