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You Don't Get There From Here #14

[36 pages, half digest, $2.00 from Carrie McNinch, PO Box 49403, Los Angeles CA 49403, USA +++ cmcninch [at] gmail [dot] com ]
Carrie's latest issue of her awesome diary comic begins with her dealing with the death of her cat Jesse. She wakes up and says, "Good morning, Jesse!" which freaks her other cat Milo out. It's funny and heartbreaking at the same time.
Carrie likes jogging around the trails up in the Hollywood Hills and she often comes across native wildlife. In this issue a slow-moving rattlesnake delays her run. She almost treads on another rattler that she first thinks is a stick. Another day, an elderly couple warns her that they've seen a giant owl and to be careful because it could easily eat her little dog Munkey. And another day she sees a coyote peeing for the first time. Then it's a visit to the dentist for a root canal. She also gets her wisdom teeth out. Holy shit what a month for dental trauma!
Elsewhere, Carrie writes a sentence I have no idea what it means but sure sounds pretty cool - "This morning I drove to Dick Blick to pick up microns for Steve..."
A highlight of this issue is Carrie's trip to Oaxaca to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos.
I never get sick of reading about all the stuff Carrie enjoys, like her library visits, making and going out for good food, hanging out with friends, her song choices at the top of each daily strip, and even the not-so-enjoyable stuff like her struggles with alcohol and rotten old depression/anxiety.
YDGTFH rocks and I'm always totally jazzed to get a new issue.

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