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Blackguard #1 Update VI

It's been an eventful week, man. I'll begin with a personal anecdote, because after that everything gets brighter (mostly).

Last Monday I had the third and final treatment at a periodontist for my idiot gums which are doing their damndest to eject every freakin' tooth from my head as soon as possible. I have what's known as 'periodontitis', or advanced acute gum disease. It doesn't matter how industriously I scrape and scrub my teeth, it's genetic, or hereditary, so my teeth are gonna fall out. One treatment can at least slow this grim fate and it's called 'root planing.' It's far from pleasant, let me tell you, and last Monday's third treatment was the least pleasant of all of them. Not only that, but I was put on a week-long course of antibiotics to napalm the evil gum bacteria, which means I can't touch alcohol until Monday night (or Wednesday night, if it's true that it's a good idea not to 'hit the sauce' for at least 48 hours after you finish the antibiotics unless you feel like gambling on a heart attack). Either way, this is my first dry weekend since (it seems) I was ten years old.

In happier news, a handful of strips arrived for Blackguard #1 this week, from Gerard Ashworth, Neale Blanden, Mannheim Jerkoff and Chris Mikul! I don't know where the hell Mr Iannucci's stuff got to, I'm sure he said it would arrive early this week. But the good news is that Brother Mikel (my print technology expert) has told me that the print turnaround is only two weeks, not the three I had allowed for, so the deadline can be extended once more to next Friday, 12 September. I've also been assured that strips from Pirochan, Julie Doye and Ross Tesoriero have been completed, or will be by the end of the alcohol-free weekend. On the less bright side, I'm counting around 20 pages which is only halfway to the 40-page goal I was aiming for. More contributions are required, that's for sure, so this weekend I'll probably be sending out a bunch of frantic calls to arms, or better still, pens and brushes!

Okay, now for this week's 'Best of Sick Puppy' - Johnny Ryan's 'Bookstore Wiseguy' from SP#11!


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