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Blackguard #3 : The CRIME Issue - Update II

Blackguard #3 is almost finished. I'm working every night on it now, finishing up the editing of the comix & zine reviews pages and Mailbag (oh yeah, and the Contents page - that is one tough motherfucking page to put together!), stuff like that. It sucks that a couple of comix artists I wanted to be in it won't be in it (eg. Hello, Mr Diana, where the fuck are you?), but on the other hand I got some killer awesome stuff for this issue so it's looking (to my completely unbiased eyes, of course) like the strongest issue yet.
I'll be getting it printed at the end of the month so contributor copies will be going out early September.
There's also some big zine events coming up soon - the Newcastle Zine Fair (part of TiNA) in early October and another one in Canberra late October that Sticky are handling the zine fair side of. (More details to follow on that one...)
One good thing about the final few weeks of putting a comix zine anthology together is that you have the perfect excuse to drink beer every night. Beer! Every night! It's "fuel for the fire" is what it is. It's an essential part of the process, you know.
Tags: blackguard #3, sticky institute, tina, zine fairs

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