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Stubby Buddy Vol. 3

Stubby Buddy Vol. 3 [20 pages, digest size, $? stubbybuddyzine (at) gmail.com + www.facebook.com/StubbyBuddy ]
A zine dedicated to beer? Ding dong. This could be my new favourite zine! [Thanks to Sticky, who sent me a bunch of zines to review, and this was one of 'em.]
First up, a look at the increasingly idiotic Australian drinking laws, including the 'alcopop' tax which was intended to prevent under-age drinking, even though 80% of drinkers are men over the age of 25. Also the study (from the University of Adelaide) that recommends breath testing for drunk pedestrians (which would mean a woman who drank a bottle of wine at a restaurant over a two hour period would legally not be allowed to walk home, and neither would a man who consumed a six-pack of beer at a friend's bbq).
There's a newly introduced section devoted to sustainable drinking. Drink beer from cans, dude - they are the easiest to recycle. If you're gonna drink from bottles, brown bottles are better than green bottles (added metals that are harder and more expensive to remove) or clear bottles (which require extra processing to prevent your beer from becoming 'light-struck').
Some new beers are reviewed - Arctic Fox Brewing's American Pale Ale, Rekorderlig's Pear Cider (Yum! Gotta find me some of that!), Broo's Premium Lager and Holgate Brewhouse's Temptress Chocolate Porter (oh man, that one sounds good too!).
In another article, the history of Pilsner is revealed, followed by some Australian pilsner reviews. (At this point let me admit that with beer, I'm not fussy. I've never had a beer I didn't enjoy. ... Except for Tooheys New. Holy shit how the fuck do they fuck that shit up so bad?)
I really loved Barfly's Rant, a well-written and savage attack on knobs who order coffee at a pub, in this case during a rush on the bar. 'I've got thirty people to serve real drinks to, and this bitch wants me to make her and her wanker boyfriend a bloody coffee. I could happily sand her face off.' Best rant I've read in a long time.
Stubby Buddy rocks the kegs. Zine of the month, no doubt.


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Aug. 24th, 2010 04:48 am (UTC)
We're currently overhauling our drinking laws here in NZ too .. after dropping the drinking age to 18, they are all set to put it back up to 20 .. alcopops are to be no more than 5%, and all bars must close by 4am ..

Unfortunately, we DO have a big social problem with drinking .. but I don't know if it's any different to Australia or England or anywhere else ..
And following England's lead, we're starting to have a massive problem with 'youths' carrying knives, and using them if they get into a fight ..
World's going to hell in a handbasket, as my mother likes to say! ; )
Aug. 25th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
We hear about the increase in kids carrying knives here too. On the other hand, current affairs programs use scare tactics in order to attract viewers. They even fabricate these kind of stories ("teen gangs running wild", that sort of thing, a good example of which was exposed recently on Media Watch.)
Back in the '50s teens were running wild and having knife fights. Crime sells, baby.
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