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Zine World #29

[36 pages, magazine size, $4.00US, $5.00 Canada, $7.00 World, edited by Jerianne, PO Box 330156, Murfreesboro TN 37133, USA +++ +++ jerianne (at) ]
Blow the trumpets, the latest issue of Zine World has arrived!
Jerianne has changed a long-standing policy starting from this issue, namely the policy of only reviewing zines that include a real actual physical address. Zine publishers are divided over this, one reason being that it would be the height of irony to have a paperzine full of email and web addresses, but since more and more zine publishers are only including email addresses, the policy needed to be changed to cover the full spectrum of zines being produced.
Next up is a terrific discussion on the term 'zinester' that was started by Craven Rock (Eaves of Ass zine) on the We Make Zines forum. Craven has big problems with this term, feeling that the term is limiting and these days more likely to describe a person who self publishes zines about making out, riding bikes and polyamory. Craven's initial post is reprinted, including some excellent (and provocative) comments like this one ( that I completely agree with):
"It's also the zinester philosophy that's been pushing the idea that making a zine is the highest good, no matter what the quality, and that everyone should be making one no matter what. Teaching make-a-zine-in-an-hour workshops that encourage people to lower the bar. Fuck that! You should be making a zine if you have something to say."
Excerpts from this discussion follow. The responses included are all considered and eloquent. 
The bulk of Zine World of course is the dozens and dozens of zine reviews. These are arranged alphabetically with the reviewer's byline at the end (as opposed to Xerography Debt that has a separate section for each reviewer). Reviewers in this issue: Andrew Mall, Anu, Chantel G., clint johns, Clinto, Dann Lennard, e. war, Heath Row, Jaina Bee, Jerianne, Josh Blair, Karlos the jackal, Katie, Kris, MC, P.5!, Ryan Mishap, Stephanie K., Stephanos, and Tom Hendricks. Artists: Androo (cover), David Crockett and Lydia Velarde.
There's a Resources section that lists zine libraries, review zines, news of USPS postage increase proposal (we just had one here in Australia, consarn it), and change of address notifications.
Then there's a really cool article, 'Everything You Wanted to Know About a Zine Fest (But Were Afraid to Ask)' by Nicole Introvert.
ZW29 closes with the regular Classifieds section which is really cool since listings are free!
Zine World rocks. It deserves your support.
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