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The Paper Mill - Opening Night

 Tonight I went to the opening of The Paper Mill, an "Artist Run Initiative with a focus on representing, teaching and facilitating paper-based art," (according to Christopher Hodge, one of the Directors). They recently sent a call-out for zines (for their zine library, or store, or whatever it is), and one of their criteria got my attention. It basically said, "If our Board deems your zine to be potentially controversial, we will request a 'Statement of Intent' from you". I thought that was pretty weird, and nanny-like, and kind of wanky, since zines by their nature are often confronting or controversial - the zine maker writes without the usual self-censorship and editorial filters demanded of mainstream print publications. That's part of the reason they fuckin' rock so hard, dude.
Anyway, this place had a bunch of stuff on display, it was like an art gallery. It's definitely not Sydney's answer to Sticky, that's for sure. I took a bunch of photos, check it out for yourself.

Part of my quest tonight was to find my Blackguards. Yes, I sent them some! I wanted to receive a demand for a Statement of Intent! (I haven't received one, so either I'm getting old and boring, or my contributors are, or both.) Anyway, I did find my Blackguards, along with some other zines and comix, trapped in an aquarium.
Tags: the paper mill, zine libraries
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