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Sticky Newsletter - September 2010

Sticky's September e-newsletter is out - to read it or sign up, go here and click the 'Communicae' tab.
News (Dillon Naylor & Mandy Ord have an exhibition in Melbourne, and so do the Silent Army dudes);
Newcastle Zine Festival update - time to book your free table now!;
Also the NGA Capital Letters Zine Fair coming up in Canberra on Saturday 30 October - Sticky's got your free table ready;
New Queensland distro, Smells Like Zines;
Contributor call-outs;
Columns from correspondents - Canberra ( Dan), Canada (Maranda Elizabeth), Tokyo (Gianni Simone), Sydney (Sarah Langston), Coburg (Young and Invincible), and Auckland (Tessa Stubbing).
A terrific column by Luke You about Zine Fair Mathematics ("A room + free tables + zines = zine fair");
Zine reviews by Matt Ford, Simon Gray Maria Markov and Stratu.
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