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Blackguard #3 : The CRIME Issue - Out Now!

The box of Blackguard 3s arrived today! First printing of 200 hand-numbered copies. 44 pages of crime-themed awesomeness, featuring a murderous cover by Neale Blanden, killer back cover by Kapreles, colour carnage inside covers by Ryan Vella and Dexter Cockburn, black & white GUTS by Gerard Ashworth, Michael Aushenker, Bize, Neale Blanden, Shaun Craike, Jason Dean, Julie Doye, Anton Emdin, Giles, Doug Iannucci, Kapreles, Lark, Chris Mikul, Adam Pasion, David Puckeridge, SCAR, Glenn Smith, and Stratu, PLUS two short stories by Damian McDonald (illustrated by Julie Doye) and Henry L. Racicot (illustrated by Ross Radiation) and ELEVEN pages of comix and zine reviews.

Order your copy NOW! $5.00AUSD (within Aust) or $5.00US (World). PayPal OK to sstratu (at) (Trades OK too.)

Stuart Stratu
PO Box 35
Marrickville NSW 2204
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