blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Blackguard #1 Update VII

By the end of this weekend the final few contributions for Blackguard #1 will have arrived, I will have finished my bits and pieces (contents page, etc.) and sorted out the page order (one of my favourite parts of putting together an anthology!) ready to send the whole thing off to the printer, then to spend the next two weeks biting my nails down to the knuckles hoping they get all the pages in the correct order, and not upside down, or whatever (I'd rather not spend too much time imagining all the things that could go wrong..) and hopefully just before the end of the month a gigantic box full of Blackguard #1s will arrive at my front door in time to take up to the Newcastle zine fair (not to mention SPX, if they get here in time).

It's all so exciting I can barely stand it!

So that's the update for the week. A short one, but I've gotta get back to the assembly line. I'll have a big preview update next week.

Just time for another 'Best of Sick Puppy' -- and this one is Neale Blanden's 'Sick Puppy 2039' from SP#10.

Tags: blackguard #1, neale blanden

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