blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Killhope #1

[40 pages, half digest, $? from Rieka, PO Box 386, SINGAPORE 914013 ]
Rieka is a passenger in a car heading into the city at night. Memories from her school years come to her and she daydreams (or "stones", as she and her friends call it) about a thrilling water polo (with canoes!) match; a chance meeting with a childhood friend who she begins twice-weekly midnight jogs with; how she tried to like jazz music because she found out Ryan Gosling (who she had a big crush on at the time) liked it; then her first job at a Vietnamese restaurant.Nice cut/n/paste layout, easy to read. A little on the 'nice' side for my tastes, of course. (Plus the title is blatantly false advertising.) Nowhere near enough decadence or perversion! Oh well. Maybe next issue, eh, Rieka? Heh heh.
Tags: killhope, reviews

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