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Newcastle Zine Fair October 2010

[Pics: a view from the Blackguard table; Mechelle and Pasquale; the Blackguard table (and Chris Mikul (Bizarrism); Blackguard neighbours Tinman (r) and Foxy (l)].
Recently I was trying to find my report from last year's Newcastle Zine Fair but couldn't, then finally realised why I hadn't written one: I was so depressed because for some reason I only sold about three damn copies. Well, the zine gods were looking down on me benevolently this year because I sold a buttload.
The Zine Fair was held in the King Street Carpark again, same as last year.
It was a great day, another reason being I wasn't nearly so hungover as the year before (that may have had something to do with the pathetic sales too - maybe I just looked too goddam miserable and monstrous). Other differences that may have influenced this year's result, for one, I had my own table and Chris (Mikul) had his own table. Last year we shared a table. Also, this year I bought some black cloth for the table, and even made actual labels (rather than the usual last-minute practice of scribbling 'em out on whatever scraps of paper I had on me). Plus, this time I had three issues of Blackguard and three issues of my new cut'n'paste zine, Grunted Warning, so there was more stuff to grab the eyeballs of passing zine shoppers.
Perhaps I should have mentioned, first of all, that my totally awesome girlfriend (soon-to-be wife) Jojo was with me. She actually started talking to people who looked at my zines, said hello, and came up with some positive things to say about 'em! That's a new tactic. I just sit there like a dumb spazz if I'm by myself. I don't know anything about this self-promotion biz. See, I'm the introverted who sits there hoping my psychic powers will be enough to force the browser to hand over some dough.
I also met and caught up with a whole bunch of super nice people, like the girl who was taking photographs. I think her name was Emily, but my brain is so fucked with names, I'm not 100% sure. It was also good to see SCAR, Vanessa Berry, Leigh Rigozzi, Komala and EvilHayama, Elouise (Smells Like Zines distro), Hon (Beef Knuckles zine), Nik Burns (First World Youth Culture Problems To Be Addressed zine), and a few others who (I don't deserve to live any more!) I forget the names of. (I did miss the Sticky folks (and getting to meet Elle at last). They usually have a table at every zine fair. Where were you?)
But I also got a pile of cool zines to review. Jojo helped me with this, and in fact got me one of the coolest - Owlzine #1!
I'll be putting reviews of these up during the week.
Wait! Almost forgot one of the highlights of the day... David Puckeridge couldn't make it so I got him to send me some of his iZine 2.0s to sell at our table. He also just finished a new zine called Chicks With Horses so he sent a bunch of those too. Man, those Chicks With Horses were a smash hit! They sold out, then moments later a girl came rushing up and said, "Hey! Weren't you selling those Chicks With Horses zines here?!" We told her she was too late, they had already sold out. The expression on her face broke our hearts.
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