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Owlzine #1

[28 pages, digest size, $?, edited by Anne Mok, owlzine (at) ]
[Thanks to Jojo for buying this for me at last weekend's zine fair. Why was this so damn cool? Here's some history, don't worry it's not boring, rather absolutely riveting! See, I was rocking owl PJ pants for our second date slumber party, then we got owl tattoos for our one year anniversary! So you see, this zine is right up my 'owly'.]
A zine about owls? Only one of the awesomest subjects to make a zine about. I'm a total bird nerd, and for me owls are pretty high on the 'cool bird' list. One reason is they look so damn cool, another is that they are nocturnal, unlike just about every other bird. This is also what's frustrating about them since because of this, they are not easy to see. In fact, depressingly I've only ever seen pictures and photographs of them.
Anyway, the zine's got loads of cool owl-related material, like an Owls 101; an excellent piece called 'Owls in Games' by EvilHayama; Peruvian Gourd Owls; collector profiles (Anca from Romania has 166 owls!); a review of the animated Australian film Legend of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga'Hoole; and finally a couple of owl comics.
This zine is so bitchin', I can't wait for the second issue.
Tags: owlzine, reviews

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