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Showcase #1

[24 pages, digest size, $6.00 by Dexter Cockburn, +++ ]
Every superhero fan loves team-ups. Dexter obviously loves 'em too, but his kind are a little different. It's all about fucking, not fighting, here. X-rated pair-ups abound - Superman and Lois Lane, Superman and Supergirl, The Joker and Oracle, Bane and Batgirl, The Doom Patrol, Wonder Twins, along with a whole bunch more I've never even heard of (Deathstroke?) plus some I can't even figure out what they're supposed to be, like the menage a trois between a Bugs Bunny-looking dude, a poodle girl and a witchy cat girl. Holy shit, it's bizarro world no doubt about it, but they all sure look like they're having fun!
It's all full colour too! Wild.

Tags: dexter cockburn, reviews, showcase
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