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The Deadly Hands Of Jesus Christ

[52 pages, digest size, Ryan Vella, find him on FaceBook]
Ryan drew this 22-page story 'The Deadly Hands of Jesus Christ' five years ago, but for mysterious reasons has only printed it up recently.
It's an alternate history of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It's Biblically accurate except for the decapitation of Mary, the possession (by Lucifer) of Mary Magdalene, the return of Judas Iscariot (with tattoos and leather hot pants), and Jesus kicking unholy ass. It's AWESOME.
There's also a bunch of shorter strips and drawings (Ryan's favourite stuff from the last decade) plus band posters and art (for his band Viper Syndicate).
The whole thing is ultra mega fuckin' BITCHIN' and if you're a fan of his stuff from the Sick Puppy Comix days, or only discovered his stuff more recently, you'll wanna get a copy.
In his letter he says he's mainly giving these to friends, and might sell some at the local comic shop, but if you want one just contact him through facebook and ask how to get a copy.
Tags: reviews, ryan vella, the deadly hands of jesus christ

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