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Harvey the 29th #1-3

28 pages, digest size, by Tinman Johnson, harveythe29th (at)
Tinman says he's been drawing Harvey for 15 years. Harvey's a human who lives with his girlfriend Marny (a robot) in a place called Denholm (populated by 17,000 robots and 640 humans). They also have a cat called Jake. Considering Tinman's been working on this for 15 years, I would have expected more of a story in these three issues, but many pages are simply full-page 'gags'. The humour isn't to my taste, in fact it seems to be targeting pre-teens. For example, one page has got Marny saying "I am not a robot" sitting on a table with her unattached robot hand. Another page shows Harvey and Marny 'banana fishing'. It ain't Ivan Brunetti that's for sure. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it makes me wonder who inspires this fellow. If I had anything to do with it, I'd lock Tinman in a room with John Kricfalusi for 24 hours and only then let him loose on Harvey #4.
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