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The Cock Book + The Tickle Family + I Regret Letting You Meet Me

Each 12 pages, digest size, by Philip Dearest >>> wowphilip(at) + 

The Cock Book has drawings of spurting cocks, severed cocks, hairy men with cocks instead of nipples, hairy men with big cocks and bleeding rectums, and a few other wonders. It's hard to avoid a comparison with Mike Diana, not only with the drawing style and subject matter, but the 'INRIs' all over the place too. No strips though, just full page stuff. I'd love to see Philip draw some actual comix.

The Tickle Family includes Celery Tickle (whose vagina can type ninety-words-a-minute), Pimple Tickle (activist for teenager's rights), and my favourites, Sickle and Fickle Tickle (kickboxing champions).

I Regret Letting You Meet Me has drawings of people like the man who regrets meeting knives (because they make him cut his arm and throat) and the banana (?) who regrets meeting the woman who put it inside her vagina.

Philip Dearest has really got something sick and wonderful going on in his art. A great discovery!
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