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Mote #5

24 pages, half digest, $2.00, cameronbaker(at)
Oh man, here's one of those 'dance like nobody is watching' guys. Everything in this zine is 'nice', but nice in that cloying way that makes me wanna reach for a bucket. Here's an example if you think I'm just being a big meanie: on page 6 it is suggested that you "Choreograph a one minute dance and perform it first thing tomorrow morning." Elsewhere, Cameron interviews American graphic designer Geoff McFetridge, who worked on Spike Jonze movies. Cameron describes Geoff as "Possibly the coolest person in the world right now". I read the interview, and he's not.
The zine ends with the wish: "I hope today is the greatest day of your life!"
Mote is so cute it will make you puke.
Tags: mote, reviews

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