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Suck My Scab #1

20 pages, digest size, $3.00, by Cougar Flashy, fultongirlsclub(at) + + 2/60 Shepparson Ave, Carnegie VIC 3163, AUSTRALIA
My biggest score from the Sticky table at last weekend's Canberra zine fair was this one.
The art is wild. Seemingly microscopic, like you've zoomed into some wonderful inky new world. So much going on your eyeballs start vibrating, unsure where to look, don't wanna miss anything. Every square millimetre of paper explodes with mesmerising detail. I was on the bus with this and heads all around were aimed in my direction, killing themselves wondering what kind of awesomeness I had in my possession, when they only had a stupid iPod or DingleBerry.
This shit is so good my eyeballs are melting.
Tags: reviews, suck my scab
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