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Capital Eyes #10

14 pages, A4, $?, Dan, 
For the recent Capital Letters zine fair in Canberra, organiser Sticky produced a really cool little booklet featuring Top Fives for all the ziner table holders. You could do five of your favourite anything. When we got there and set up our table I was flipping through the booklet, and Dan's Top 5 got my attention. #2 was 4 Dead - Blood and Piss. #4 was I Exist - I: A Turn For The Worse. The names sounded like metal bands, but not any I had heard of. I had to meet this Dan and find out what his zine was. It turned out the names were of hardcore bands and Dan makes this zine about the hardcore scene.
This issue, #10, was put together in time for the Canberra zine fair. It reprints two older interviews (with Break Even and Alexisonfire). Band interviews can be really boring, but Dan's got something going on because his are very good. He also writes about coming to Sydney to see some bands, feeling like he's getting too old for moshing and crowdsurfing. Then he's off to Melbourne to see more bands, well the same ones he saw in Sydney too. Holy shit, he did this all in one weekend! Back to work in Canberra for 8:30am Monday morning.
I really enjoyed his piece about working shitty jobs while in Melbourne, and some of the scammers out there, even what some of these charitable organisations get up to. He covers a depressive crisis he had there too which anybody who has suffered from depression/anxiety will appreciate.
[I also got CE#8 (interviews with Four Dead, Dangers) and CE#9 (Jerkstore, Ruiner and To The North).]
Tags: capital eyes, reviews

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